New Phones Coming Out - Huawei Ascend P6

New Phones Coming Out - Huawei Ascend P6

Always with the goal of making a name and attract the general public , Huawei Ascend offers this summer P6, a high-end smartphone to look particularly good . The Chinese manufacturer rather used to deliver smartphones all plastic controlled prices , wants , and armed, trying to stand out from the competition.

Ascend The P6 has a 4.7-inch HD screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Within 6.18 mm of the Ascend P6 , which makes the smartphone marketed the finest in the world , there is a quad- processor heart house ( K3V2 ) 1.5GHz and accompanied by a RAM 2 GB storage capacity reached 8 GB ( 5 GB actually ) that can be extended by adding a microSD card up to 64GB .

 The Ascend P6 also opts for the photo with a backlit 8 megapixel sensor , advertised as brighter (open at f / 2 optical ) than Apple Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. At the front , Huawei integrates a 5 megapixel sensor , never seen on a smartphone , where the 2-megapixel sensor on the front is rather preferred. Finally , more surprisingly , the manufacturer ignores the NFC and 4G, even though the network very high speed runs in France . Another 4G model will be proposed ... at the end of the year, we stated Huawei during the presentation of the phone in June.

The Ascend P6, marketed rate of 399 euro , is it a good deal? Response in this test bench.

Ergonomics and design - New phones coming out     

Huawei wanted to hit a good shot, just to make an impression. And it works. Where the manufacturer rather accustomed us to push the smartphone market while plastic, often glossy, it clearly apart from its Asian rivals with a brushed metal terminal that is, it must be said, a small effect. Matt back steel-rimmed slices of metal, the phone exudes "qualified" full nose - especially as the finish is impeccable - and leaves little indifferent. Some find it a big family resemblance to the Apple iPhone.
New phones coming out
New phones

This is true, to compare the two devices are similar. But Ascend P6 is thinner, with only 6.18 mm thick. Finally, while it hosts a larger screen than the iPhone 5, the weight remains perfectly controlled, with 118 g on the scale (112 g against its U.S. competitor with a 4 "screen).

The assembly is carried out perfectly. Ergonomics, not much to complain about, except maybe this (false) Manufacturer good idea to slip into the audio jack a little dig that will open the SIM and MicroSD slots, located on the right edge of the phone. There's a safe bet that this little metal tip disappear quickly after connecting a few times his helmet or Headset.
Finally, another sore point: the back of the smartphone heats up quickly. Even after a short use (web, photo, games ...) for ten minutes, the rear seat starts to particularly warm, embarrassing facto taking hands. We also observed that when the phone is charging.

Ecran - New phones coming out -Huawei Ascend P6

New Phones Coming Out

New Phones Coming Out

The 4.7-inch HD screen is proving to be very good. To the eye, already angles colors are open enough to see from the side, and colorimetry seem fair. A point confirmed by our lab test , since deltaE shows only a small 3.5 , a very good result , then. As a reminder , plus a screen that has a dE approaches zero and it displays accurate colors in reality. For a smartphone, 3 is an excellent result , and although smartphones have screens more fair, just come to such a score .
The excellent brightness ( 421 cd / m²) , coupled with contrast ratio ( 1300:1 ) more than adequate, provides good visibility even in direct sunlight.

To test the persistence , the Ascend P6 shows a large touch delay 255 ms. This test can only be applied to the interface navigation menus and offices of the OS. A "good " latency ( 75 ms for the iPhone 5 ) has a sense of fluidity, high reactivity in passing from one page to another . In contrast, high latency , as here, resulting in a feeling of lag, the difference between the action ( I put the finger on the screen ) and the reaction ( on screen display ) is reflected greater.

Interface et navigation                           
Version 4.2 of Android is dressed here by the user overlay Emotions EU signed Huawei. The big feature of this revised interface is its customizable side. Many themes are indeed available, what to do with their mobile device to its image. Another point navigation differs from Android since Huawei offers here, all installed on different host office applications, such as on Apple iOS. To better organize this space, it is possible to classify apps into folders.

The quad-core processor Huawei does not show a remarkable performance to benchmarks. Neither the CPU chip (computation speed) or the chip GPU (graphics processor) offer, in fact, very good results, compared to raw performance delivered, for example, the latest Samsung or Qualcomm chips. It was a bit like going back in time with the results ...


In practice, the phone still shows in all, reactive, but we nevertheless noticed some latency and delays at the navigation menus, and sometimes in long enough heavy web pages into images. Say that performance does not delight gamers crazy, nor the most fussy side "spec". Less demanding users who want primarily a mobile rolling without shine everywhere, should not be disappointed. The phone does the job, although other opponents are much better (Galaxy S4, HTC One, Wiko Cink Five ...).